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MB12X351 Export 12 Inch Mid Bass Pa Woofer Speaker Loudspeaker

MID-BASS Professional Low Frequency Transducer 3.5 - inch, fibreglass inside-outside copper voice coil 1400 Watt continuous program power handling 98.5 dB Sensitivity 45 Hz – 2.5 kHz Frequency range 22.5 T/m BL 40 mm peak-to-peak excursion "Dual-forced hyper-venting and 10mm top plate for minimum power compression " Dual spider design with silicon based dampening control M-roll surround and curved cone geometry


Nominal Diameter 12 / 305  inch / mm 
Rated Impedance  8 ohm
Program Power   1400 Watt
Power handling capacity   700 Watt
Sensitivity   98.5 dB
Frequency Range  45 - 2500 Hz
Effective Piston Diameter  260 / 10.24  mm / inch
Max Excursion Before Damage (peak to peak)  40 / 1.57 mm / inch
Minimum Impedance 7.1 ohm
Voice Coil Diameter  3.5 / 89  inch / mm 
Voice Coil Material  Copper  
Voice Coil Winding Depth  19 / 0.75 mm / inch
Number of layers  2  
Kind of layer  inside/outside  
Top Plate Thickness  10 / 0.39  mm / inch
Cone Material No pressed pulp  
Cone Design Curved  
Surround Material Polycotton  
Surround Design  M-roll  
Magnets Material  Ceramic   
Overall Diameter 320 / 12.6  mm / inch
Bolt Circle Diameter  293-304 / 11.5-11.9 mm / inch
Bolt Hole Diameter 6.5 / 0.25  mm / inch
Front Mount Baffle Cut-out  282 / 11.1  mm / inch
Rear Mount Baffle Cut-out  284 / 11.18  mm / inch
Depth  103 / 5.13 mm / inch
Volume occupied by the driver  2.2 / 0.09  liters / ft3


A woofer speaker is a critical component of any high-quality audio system, designed to reproduce low-frequency sound waves with precision and clarity. As a specialized type of speaker, the woofer speaker is engineered to handle lower frequencies than other speakers in a sound system, making it an essential element for delivering rich, full-bodied sound.

At the heart of the woofer speaker is a large, durable driver designed to handle low-frequency audio signals with accuracy and power. The driver is typically constructed from a stiff and lightweight material, such as woven carbon fiber or titanium, that can produce clean and accurate bass tones.

In home audio systems, woofer speakers are employed to deliver deep, impactful bass that enhances the overall listening experience. Whether it's the thumping bass of an electronic dance track or the rumbling resonance of a cinematic explosion, the woofer speaker reproduces these low-frequency sounds with remarkable accuracy and clarity, adding depth and dimension to music and movies.

In automotive audio applications, woofer speakers are used to fill the interior of a vehicle with powerful, resonant bass, creating a concert-like atmosphere for drivers and passengers. The rich and full-bodied bass produced by these drivers elevates the listening experience, making even mundane commutes feel like a high-energy drive in a club or concert.

Moreover, in professional audio settings, such as concerts, clubs, and live events, woofer speakers play a vital role in delivering impactful low-end reinforcement, ensuring that music and sound effects resonate throughout the venue with intensity and fidelity. By reproducing low-frequency sound waves with precision and power, the woofer speaker creates an immersive sonic environment that captivates audiences and energizes performers.

With advancements in technology and engineering, modern woofer speakers incorporate innovative design features, such as high-efficiency amplifiers, premium driver materials, and sophisticated enclosure designs, to maximize their performance and adaptability to diverse environments.

In conclusion, the woofer speaker is a critical element in any high-quality audio system, delivering rich and full-bodied bass tones that enhance the overall listening experience. Whether it's in home audio systems, automotive audio applications, or professional audio settings, the woofer speaker plays a vital role in delivering impactful and immersive sound that captivates audiences and creates unforgettable sonic environments.