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MB10N251 10 Inch Pa Sound System Mid Bass Neodymium Woofer Speaker

MID-BASS Professional Low Frequency Transducer 2.5-inch, fibreglass former, aluminium voice coil 600 Watt continuous program power handling 97 dB Sensitivity 50 Hz –3.5KHz Frequency range Forced air ventilation M-roll surround and exponential cone geometry


Nominal Diameter 10 / 254  inch / mm 
Rated Impedance  8 ohm
Program Power   600 Watt
Power handling capacity   300 Watt
Sensitivity   97 dB
Frequency Range  50 - 3500 Hz
Effective Piston Diameter  210 / 8.27 mm / inch
Max Excursion Before Damage (peak to peak)  40 / 1.57  mm / inch
Minimum Impedance 6.4 ohm
Voice Coil Diameter  2.5 / 63  inch / mm 
Voice Coil Material  Aluminum  
Voice Coil Winding Depth  14 / 0.55  mm / inch
Number of layers  1  
Kind of layer  outside  
Top Plate Thickness  9 / 0.35  mm / inch
Cone Material No pressed pulp  
Cone Design Curved  
Surround Material Polycotton   
Surround Design  M-roll  
Magnets Material  Neodymium   
Overall Diameter 260 / 10.24  mm / inch
Bolt Circle Diameter  241-246 / 9.5-9.6 mm / inch
Bolt Hole Diameter 5.5 / 0.21  mm / inch
Front Mount Baffle Cut-out  234 / 9.21  mm / inch
Rear Mount Baffle Cut-out  234 / 9.21 mm / inch
Depth  92.5 / 3.64  mm / inch
Volume occupied by the driver  1.2 / 0.05  liters / ft3

A sound system is a sophisticated ensemble of audio equipment designed to deliver high-quality, immersive sound experiences across a variety of settings and applications. Comprising speakers, amplifiers, signal processors, and other essential components, a sound system is engineered to reproduce audio content with precision, clarity, and impact, making it an indispensable tool for entertainment, communication, and artistic expression.

In home entertainment setups, a sound system serves as the backbone of audio reproduction, delivering rich, detailed sound for music, movies, and gaming. With a combination of speakers, including woofers, tweeters, and mid-range drivers, the sound system fills the room with dynamic, multidimensional audio, creating an immersive listening environment that brings content to life with depth and realism.

In commercial environments such as theaters, concert halls, and event venues, sound systems play a crucial role in delivering clear, powerful audio to large audiences. From live music performances and theatrical productions to corporate presentations and public addresses, these systems ensure that every word, note, and sound effect reaches the audience with exceptional fidelity, creating impactful and memorable experiences for attendees.

Moreover, in automotive applications, sound systems elevate the driving experience by providing high-quality audio playback within vehicles. Advanced sound systems incorporate specialized acoustics and strategically positioned speakers to optimize sound distribution, allowing drivers and passengers to enjoy their favorite music, podcasts, and audio content with clarity and richness, transforming the vehicle interior into a captivating sonic environment.

In professional audio and recording studios, sound systems are meticulously designed and calibrated to meet the demands of music production, mixing, and mastering. By leveraging high-fidelity speakers, precise amplification, and acoustic treatments, these systems enable engineers and artists to accurately monitor and manipulate sound, ensuring the highest standard of audio quality in the creation of music and multimedia content.

With the advent of wireless connectivity, digital signal processing, and smart integration capabilities, modern sound systems offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience, allowing users to seamlessly stream, control, and customize their audio experiences with ease.

In summary, a sound system represents the pinnacle of audio technology, delivering exceptional sound quality and immersive experiences across diverse environments. Whether in the home, commercial, automotive, or professional settings, a well-designed and expertly engineered sound system enriches the auditory landscape, captivating audiences and elevating the art of sound reproduction to new heights.