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LF18X400 Big Woofer Speaker 18" Professional Pro Audio Woofer High Quality

WOOFER Professional Low Frequency Transducer 4-inch, fibreglass inside-outside copper voice coil 2000 Watt continuous program power handling 97.5 dB Sensitivity 25 Hz - 1 kHz Frequency range Progressive, spaced, aluminum demodulation rings " Forced air ventilation and 14 mm top plate for minimum power compression" Dual spider design with silicon based dampening control Triple-roll surround and corrugated straight cone geometry


Nominal Diameter  18 / 457  inch / mm
Rated Impedance  8 ohm
Program Power  2000 Watt
Power handling capacity  1000 Watt
Sensitivity  97.5 dB
Frequency Range  25 - 1000  Hz
Effective Piston Diameter 395 / 15.55  mm / inch
Max Excursion Before Damage (peak to peak)  50 / 1.97 mm / inch
Minimum Impedance  6 ohm
Voice Coil Diameter  4 / 102  inch / mm
Voice Coil Material  Copper  
Voice Coil Winding Depth 25 / 0.98  mm / inch
Number of layers  2  
Kind of layer  inside/outside  
Top Plate Thickness  14 / 0.55  mm / inch
Cone Material  No pressed pulp  
Cone Design  Straight  
Surround Material  Polycotton  
Surround Design  Triple roll  
Magnets Material  Ceramic   
Overall Diameter 465 / 18.31  mm / inch
Bolt Circle Diameter  442-447 / 17.4-17.6  mm / inch
Bolt Hole Diameter 6.5 / 0.25  mm / inch
Front Mount Baffle Cut-out  424 / 16.69 mm / inch
Rear Mount Baffle Cut-out 424 / 16.69  mm / inch
Depth  210 / 8.3  mm / inch
Volume occupied by the driver  6 7 / 0.28  liters / ft3


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