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PWR925DSP Stage Audio 3 Way 15 Inch Powered Wooden Sound Box PA System



Model PWR925DSP
Type 3 Way Double 15 Inch Powered speaker 
Compression Driver 2" Titanium diaphragm
Woofer (3" VC, 80 Oz )X2
Amplifier 400+400+200W RMS , built in DSP preset /Bluetooth/TWS
Frequency Range(-10dB) 40HZ-20K HZ
DSP Standard/Vocal Boost/Live/Floor Monitor
Mic Input Combi x2
Line Input Combi x2
AUX Input 3.5 mm Jack
RCA Input Stereo RCA Jack
Input sensitivity:  -2 dBu/+4dBu
Line Output XLR x1
RMS Power 1000 Watts
MAX Power 2000 Watts
Max SPL 133 dB
Power Voltage 110/230V
Dimensions(WxDxH) 50*48*116CM
Net Weight(Kg) 43
Gross Weight(Kg) 45
Cabinet/Case Material: Wooden 
Handles: Plastic/metal
Pole mount/Cap: Yes


PA System, short for Public Address System, is a crucial component in various settings where effective communication and sound distribution are essential. This versatile system consists of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and other audio equipment designed to deliver clear and audible sound to a large audience.

In public venues such as schools, stadiums, airports, and conference centers, PA systems play a vital role in broadcasting announcements, providing instructions, and facilitating live performances. With its ability to reach a wide audience and convey messages clearly, the PA system ensures that important information is effectively communicated to everyone present.

In emergency situations, PA systems are used to broadcast critical announcements and evacuation instructions, helping to maintain order and ensure the safety of individuals within the premises. The clear and intelligible sound produced by PA systems enables swift and decisive communication during times of crisis, fostering a sense of security and control.

In entertainment settings, PA systems are utilized to amplify voices, music, and other audio sources, enhancing the overall auditory experience for audiences at concerts, festivals, and other live events. The high-quality sound reproduction capabilities of PA systems contribute to the immersive and engaging nature of performances, creating a memorable experience for attendees.

Moreover, PA systems are employed in commercial environments such as shopping malls, restaurants, and offices to broadcast background music, make announcements, and enhance the overall ambiance of the space. By providing a consistent and clear audio experience, PA systems contribute to the comfort and convenience of customers and employees alike.

With advancements in technology, modern PA systems offer a range of features and capabilities to meet the diverse needs of different applications. Wireless connectivity, digital signal processing, and remote control options have revolutionized the functionality and flexibility of PA systems, allowing for seamless integration into various environments.

Overall, PA systems play a critical role in facilitating communication, entertainment, and safety across a wide range of settings. As an indispensable tool for public address and audio distribution, PA systems continue to evolve and adapt to meet the changing demands of today's dynamic and interconnected world.